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Will my groceries be in the condo/house when I arrive?

We make every attempt to deliver prior to our guests’ arrival. In some instances, particularly during busy vacation weeks, Housekeeping at the properties will not be able to complete their cleaning and inspection until late afternoon, at which point we are given the okay to access the unit. In most cases, you should receive your order by no later than 5 pm.

I don’t know the unit number at the property where I am staying. Can you still deliver?

Yes. We will contact the front desk or property management company to find out the unit number and arrange for delivery. If you are staying at a private residence, please be sure to provide us with the the name and number of the property manager.

Will you put the food away in case we are delayed in our arrival?

Yes. We always put freezer and refrigerated items away. At checkout you can choose to have your groceries stored or left on the kitchen counter to put away as you wish.

If I want to order specific grocery products that are not shown in your online store or on the fax forms, can I request them?

Yes. If you are using the Online Store, you can list them in the “Special Requests” box as you complete the Checkout process, or if you prefer, you may send a separate e-mail to us at

Do I need to use your forms, or can I just send a grocery list?

To ensure consistency in the handling of your order from start to finish, we DO ask that you use either our Online Store or email as a base. Feel free to e-mail us ( ) if you have specific questions.

I have ordered from The Grocery Company in the past. Do I still need to send a copy of my driver’s license if I wish to purchase alcohol?

Yes. Ski Haus Liquors requires that we provide them with a copy of each customer’s drivers license, and for your security, we do not maintain a copy after your order is delivered.

When will I need to provide my payment method?

If you use our shopping cart: Upon competition of your finalized order we will contact you with your invoice total and request payment information at that time.

If you use our Order By Email method: Payment information is requested at that time.

Please remember to notify your credit card company of our charges before your arrival to Steamboat Springs. Include one extra day to you travel plan when talking to your credit card company to prevent your order from being delayed.

When will I be billed?

Upon completion of your finalized order and no later than day of delivery.

Will I be charged if I decide to cancel my order?

Orders may be cancelled with no charge if done so by 9 am MST at least 2 days prior to arrival. A 50% re-stocking fee will be assessed if cancellation is less than 2 days before, with an 80% fee if the order is cancelled on the day of delivery.

Are Steamboat locals really as friendly as everyone says, and is the “champagne powder” snow really the best there is?